Image of Cow Hooks (facing left) Image of Cow Hooks (facing left) Image of Cow Hooks (facing left)

A pair of vintage American tin hooks with cut-out cows soldered onto the front.Not exactly sure what these were designed for but fun for hanging things up,they aren't made for heavy objects and not suitable for coat hooks as the cows will catch on fabric.
These ones are facing left but there is an option for one of each that face different ways too.
Approximately 70mm high x 110mm wide (cow)
90mm high x 20mm wide (hook part)

Please note that you won't get the exact ones in the photo,they are all the same quality and size but the tin surfaces vary with patina,all are clean and can even be painted if you want to put colour on them.

Goods can be picked up from the shop,just add the code localcollection before checking out and you won't be charged shipping.