Image of Schnapps Bottle Image of Schnapps Bottle

A great old schnapps bottle,there are three to choose from $15 each,fairly heavy,slightly wobbly cast green glass.
These all have Schiedam on one side,Aromatic
Schnapps on the othe and two have other names also,they are square sided.

Left (Aromatic Schnapps/Schiedam)
Middle (Udolpho Woolfe's/Schiedam/Aromatic Schnapps)
Right (M.P.Pollen & Zoon/Schiedam/Aromatic Schnapps)

Approximately 230mm high,the one on the right is 24mm high,none are perfect,the glass is old and rough,all have a small chip each,no cracks and they will hold water.There is residue inside although they have been cleaned.